The Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris Almanac

Editor: Gareth Winter, 64 Michael Street, Masterton, New Zealand

Since first appearing in 1973, the Society's biannual journal Almanac is the most extensive, illustrated source available for information on Pacific Coast native iris. Copies of most back issues of the Almanac can be obtained ($4.00 each) by contacting the secretary.

Each year brings 20-30 contributed "practical experience" reports on sources of seed, seedlings, plants and distinct horticultural lines, evaluations of introduced varieties, growing iris from seed, planting mixes, fungus and disease control, transplanting, hybridizing methods, PCIs in landscape design, growing tips from eastern states and other countries and climates, field trip reports - with itineraries and the best places and times to see wild iris species, updates and reviews of published reports and current scientific research, an annotated list of new introduced and registered Pacifica hybrids.

A complete index (1973-2006) is available online. The file is in .pdf format (473 kb) and requires a recent version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open. The Reader is availble for free download from Those needing frequent reference might download a copy of the index to their own computer, or print out a paper version for their own use.