SPCNI Additional Information Links

Our Native Iris: The Pacific Coast Native Iris   [The US Forest Service's Rangeland Management Botany Program - each wild iris species is discussed, illustrated, mapped and referenced]

American Iris Society   [The principal New World Iris organization, with links to dozens of affiliated regional and specialty groups - many with publications of their own special interest]
Home Page for Irises   [Numerous cross-referenced internet sites]

Jepson Herbarium's Floral Project has current distribution for each of the 18 species and races of PCN iris in California. [select "Online Interchange for California Floristics" for interactive links to several online databases.]

CalFlora is one of the most helpful online gateways to a vast array of plant information. You can find site-by-site listings of the places in California where each iris species has been collected. Budget constraints have required user registration and a small annual fee for regular users.

California's Jepson Manual is now available online. It gives a synopsis of each Pacifica iris species and subspecies in the state. You can either scroll down to Monocots - Iridaceae (Iris family), or click on the letter "I" and then scroll down to the various Iris.

State native plant societies: many of their local chapters have their own websites, regional flora references and plant lists, resources and photo galleries: