Munz's Iris - More Revealing Photographs

Unlike other Pacifica iris species, Iris munzii grows slowly as large, robust plants with long, broad leaves. It's also unusual in its tendency to produce several flowers on each stem. Often you can see buds, blossoms, spent flowers and developing seed capsules - all on a single stalk. The first of the two photos below, taken in Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, shows this especially well.

The copy of Brian Collins' photograph on the right, of an Iris munzii growing in the Kew Royal Botanic Garden in London, shows us two stalks - each with multiple flowers in different stages of development. Click on Brian's name in the caption below the picture to see his photograph in its original online gallery.

Munz's iris often have several flowers on one stem

Munz's Iris, Iris munzii. (L) Sequoia National Park, Tuolumne County. National Park Service photo. (R) Kew Royal Botanic Garden, London.
October 2005. Brian Collins. Note the species' characteristic exposed ovary and very short floral tube.